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Thread: Swimmer or whinner, which way do you fall-a discussion

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    Swimmer or whinner, which way do you fall-a discussion

    This is just a light hearted discussion on a earlier posting. This is not too offend anyone of their opinion, but to maybe let USMS hear concerns from the general members. Let's hear it!

    I'll tell you this, if FINA outlaws some techinal suits and not all, their will be a outcry of people that want to use the suits that they have seen or used and bought before this ruling. I'm so tried of all the whining out there about technogy advancements to help people enjoy their sports to the extense that they can or want to afford. The same holds true with wetsuits for open water swims, about all the complaining. You can bury your head in the sand and think you have stopped the world or you can watch the advancements of our society go for the better of everyones enjoyment. Didn't they say the same thing about the flip turn when it first came into being. Technical suits bring a smile to your face when you first use them-isn't that what brings us here.

    I and most others know why people wear the technical suits, to say the least, it's to go faster or just plain turn the hands of time back to the day we swam that fast ( I know it is for me). I'm not interested in winning the race as much as being able to compete at a younger level and have fun doing it.

    The same holds true for the wet suit people out there-let them enjoy the swim out in that open water. Why be afraid of that temperture or that deep water (if you are a weak swimmer). Let it be said we want everyone to be able to compete or complete in a race/distance with enjoyment.

    That's why there should be different divisons and it's about time we see and look at it like that for swims with/without technical suits, with or without wetsuits for OW swims. Lets have fun out there and stop whinning about a sport that few want more regulations on.

    This is just one Masters opinion!

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    Re: Swimmer or whinner, which way do you fall-a discussion

    I have no real opinion about techsuits in the pool, since I don't have one, but I think more power to the people that can afford to have them. I plan on wearing one at worlds in 2010, but will wait until the safe list is posted.

    I do feel sorry for those that have boughted suits under currect rules, only to have to turn them into practice suits after the new year.

    but I do have an opinion about wetsuits in OW. in the few races I have been to there are two classes, competitive class with out wetsuit and open class with wetsuit.

    in the few cases that wetsuits are allowed for the competitive class I wear a wetsuit, why would I swim without one when I know it benefits my swimming.

    of the 6 OW races I will attend this summer only 1 is without wetsuit.

    I think it should be up to the race director. I think you get faster results and more participants allowing wetsuits.

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    Re: Swimmer or whinner, which way do you fall-a discussion

    I am one of the weak swimmers. I started into a masters swim program 8 years ago so I could swim in triathlons. I will never be able to compete with the "real" swimmers. That being said, I still want to be in the pool and in the lake swimming with them. For the few where the technical / wet suit may be the difference between 1st and 2nd, let it be.

    It's like bike racing. Some can afford the expensive bike to add to their performance. Some cannot. Regardless, the majority want to be part of it. This is not about our livelihood like pro athletes. For most of us, this is about our personal challenges to be the best we can. If I get beat by a technical suit or super bike, so be it. This is life. Our society needs more people involved, not fewer. I know many people who do not feel confident enough to do an open water races without a wet suit. Allowing wet suits greatly expands the opportunity for all.

    Technical suits in the pool? Why not? If it is so important that you win, get one and go for it. Can't afford? Again, life is that way. There are lots of things I cannot afford.

    I don't see any reason not to have separate regulations for pro vs. amateur. If your livelihood depends on it, you have to make an even playing field. Otherwise, regulate it only to the extent safety requires. Then let the race director decide what regulations apply.

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    Re: Swimmer or whinner, which way do you fall-a discussion

    FINA started out as a few European nations in the early 1900 and has turned out to be basically a global set of nations that are suppose to be governoring the whole body of international swimming. A few members dictating and regulating laws for the whole world-what power! My question is where was this organization 8 years ago when these suits were first coming out, I quest asleep at the wheel.
    I started doing triathlons almost 25 years ago and when the first wet suits came out you knew like everything else in that sport things were going to change fast and that governoring body at the time knew and wanted things to change and develop. They basically said we know and want the industry to go forward and develop this sport to it's maximum with innovative ideas and new products. But they never came back and said you can't use that because it's too fast or safe.
    But this is what FINA is saying now that all suits developed after 9/30/07 (where did they get this number from) is up for re-testing and they will get back to us at any time and tell us our suits are good or they can't be used.
    And what kills me is that all these new world, national records have been set with these suits. Did anyone watch the 2008 Olympics or how about just lately the 2009 NCAA, Men's and Women's finals, everyone in the finals were wearing these suits.
    Now we have our own governoring body (USMS) going to go blindly with these rulings and this is after the fact that BlueSeventy is one of our sponsors. Or how about our own governoring body sponsoring a national discounted price on these suits of just lately.
    I just don't know about these regulations, I'm just a old Master Swimmer trying to have fun and trying to keep some speed going.
    By the way can anyone tell me what a Newton really is (a unit of force, equal to the force that produces an acceleration of one meter per second per second on a mass of one kilogram), I just don't understand. This is one on the standards. Give me a break!
    Here a general link to what FINA is talking about:

    [ame=""]U.S. Masters Swimming Discussion Forums - View Single Post - Ande's Swimming Tips: Swimming Faster Faster[/ame]
    Mark A Kaczmarek

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