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Thread: Providence, RI places to swim

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    Providence, RI places to swim

    Hi All,
    It looks like I'll have several days this month and next in Providence, RI. Does anyone have suggestions or ideas about where to swim? A Masters team would be great, but info on any lap swim pool that might allow me to swim would be much appreciated. My hotel is near the (TF Greene) airport.
    Thank You,

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    Re: Providence, RI places to swim

    You will be in Warwick RI - town where TF Green is - so look into the YMCAs in Cranston and Warwick; Providence is about 15 mins-20 mins away (to get anywhere), I don't know if anyone has a team or club in Prov, but check Providence College they apparently have a nice pool and Brown U was a good one as well - don't know if they have master's teams or not. The Bluefish Swim Club (team Elizabeth Beisel swims with ) practices in Attleboro Ma, about 30 minites north of where you will be. If you are looking for great food for dinner go to Federal Hill in Providence, great (real) italian food - its the area across the highway from downtown try Casserta's for pizza, Siena (for everything), and Tammany Hall (pub food - I know one of the owners). In Providence there are a few good places, but it can be hit or miss - Union Station and Capital Grille are decent if underwhelming.

    Have fun

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    Re: Providence, RI places to swim

    Brilliant! Thank you all for the info and the PMs. Here's how it went: A search of swimmer's guide in Providence found some nice pools but far away. Then the info that I was actually in Warwick, RI was priceless. It led me to the nearby McDermott pool, but they didn't have any more lap swim today. However, the Lifeguard was nice and recommended the pool at Healthtrax, which turns out to be almost across the street from my hotel. Perfect. Thank you!
    Bill, The Pool Collector

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