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Thread: 9 Year Old Marvel What? But How?

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    Re: 9 Year Old Marvel What? But How?

    I am myself dad to a 9 year old girl. Never done swimming as a youngster, I just love this sport and this was my first option when my girl was old enough to start sport in an organized manner.

    Extremely interesting thread. I'm not going to comment on the OP and his second appearance in the thread. But I think the thread is great for the parents of young swimmers.

    My girl started swimming at our local club at 7 and since then she always told me she loves swimming. I confess that in these two years I was very "implicated" in her development, mainly watching accomplished swimmers on Youtube and trying to emulate their technique, when I thought coaches were not giving good enough technical advice. I was also pushing her, checking she didn't forget the advice I was giving her before training.

    I guess I was all wrong. This thread was an eye opener. I never realized how early 9 years old is for someone trying to become a swimmer. I never realized that "fun" was so important at this age.

    I think I asked her ten times today "are you sure that you love what you do?", "are you sure you're not doing it just for me?". She answered "yes" and she was quite puzzled at the kind of questions I was asking her. So I guess all is good for us, nothing wrong happened.

    Thank you to all who contributed to this thread.


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    Re: 9 Year Old Marvel What? But How?

    Last memory I have of my dad with me at a swim meeting was last week. He just gave me a nice hand shaking and a smile while saying "congratulations!" after a disastrous 200 m breaststroke. By the way, I am 42 and my dad is 71. Thanks dad!

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    Re: 9 Year Old Marvel What? But How?

    Early in this thread I believe OP said his daughter was swimming 4 days per week at 1,200 - 1,300 yards each and 1 1/2 hours. This doesn't strike me as much yardage, nor very fast even for a 9 year old. To the OP's original question of how other kiddos swimming are quicker than his daughter, perhaps; more farther, more faster, more workouts.

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