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Thread: Swimming in Chapel Hill

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    Smile Swimming in Chapel Hill

    Hey all,

    I plan to move to Chapel Hill, NC in a few months. I'm looking for advice on apt complexes, pools and masters teams in the area. I'd love to live somewhere with or nearby a pool large enough to swim laps (at least 25 yards). Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

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    Re: Swimming in Chapel Hill

    There's a new pool in Chapel Hill off Homestead Rd. run by Chapel Hill Parks and Rec. It's 25yds. by 25m and is very close to several apt. complexes. I don't know there names but I'm sure a google search of apts. near Homestead and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd will be productive. Good luck.

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    Re: Swimming in Chapel Hill

    There is a very active team in Hillsborough that swims at the complex there. They swim at 6 AM. The University also has a team. I lived in chapel hill for several years. Jim Green

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