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The S&T judge (who unfortunately was also doubling as the deck ref) said I took "two complete breaststroke stroke cycles underwater before surfacing" and he wrote "pull, kick, pull, kick." I can guarantee you I did not take 2 breaststroke cycles underwater; I'm not an 8 & Under. I think he must have confused by my scull hands out, dolphin kick, pull down and kick up. I went very far underwater, so he probably assumed something was wrong. Had I actually done something wrong (flutter kicked to the surfaced, been nailed for undulation looking like a second dolphin kick), I wouldn't have said a word. But I was fairly steamed on principle; there is simply no way I did what he described and wrote up in the DQ. He was dead wrong. And he also did not write to the rule on his DQ slip.

I've tried doing what Wolfy describes on my pull outs, but I still end up way too deep. I guess I shouldn't angle down at all since my dolphin kick leaves me too deep.
He might have been referring to something a lot of people do when they are too deep on their pullouts.

If you are too deep after your breaststroke kick after your pullout, sometimes you start your outsweep while you are too deep, and if you start your insweep before your head breaks the surface, you will get disqualified:

Form the rule book:
After the start and after each turn, the swimmer may take one arm stroke completely back to the legs. The head must break the surface of the water before the hands turn inward at the widest part of the second stroke.