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Another drill,this one an easy seeming one.Simply swim a length using the minimum number of strokes.REALLY work on streamlining at all times,but especially on the pull out and after each kick.The pullout part is especially important do those of you with a slow BR.For many swimmers the best way to swim BR is to do as little actual swimming as possible so for yhou the longer the pullout the better.Can you get it down to pullout plus 3 strokes for 25?2? 1?.0?1 stroke after pullout is as good as I can do in a 25 yd pool.
This is a real awareness drill.As you are slowing down really focus on maximum streamlining.
I need to do more of this, though I do a lot of stroke counting in other ways. I haven't done a max dps in months. Curious to see where I am, as I am now going underwater in 4 for 25 yds.