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Thread: Freestyle: Critique and Please Help Improve my Stroke.

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    Freestyle: Critique and Please Help Improve my Stroke.

    Please critique my freestyle and help improve my stroke.

    Been couple of years or so since I posted a video here, or for that matter, looked at a video of my freestyle. Didn't realize this before, and was horribly surprised! Here is what I noticed.

    1. The stretched out arm (that is, the non-breathing side arm) cross over the mid-line. It is almost like the non-breathing side stretches out over the mid-line, to help in the breathing. Terrible! I thought I had fixed this! To my untrained eye I am thinking at least the other side is OK?

    2. My legs are all screwy! Used to have a horrible case of scissor legs, even while that seems to be gotten better, however, the legs currently are terribly ungainly and lacks any sense of rhythm. Why is this?

    3. Do I roll OK. Am I rolling too much, and consequently, having the wacky leg movement?

    4. Please do help identify anything else that ailing my stroke.

    Please critique my stroke and suggest some drills I could do to help get over the nasty, inelegant stroke on display. (The last time I had suggestions of learning bilateral breathing for better balance from this forum, and at least I have gotten to do that comfortably)

    Thanks for your patience and help.

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    Re: Freestyle: Critique and Please Help Improve my Stroke.

    Yes, you are crossing over and that's what's causing your legs to go all screwy too. But this is totally fixable.

    1. Think of your arms as tank treads where they stay exactly on a track with your shoulders that doesn't move side to side. To go back to basics and over-exaggerate the motion, you can focus on slapping your palm on the surface of the water right in front of your shoulder, pulling with a high elbow, then doing a little flick of your palm as it exits the water at your thigh.
    2. Practice timing with the catchup drill. Glide on your extended hand just a touch longer so that your top arm is entering just as you're starting your pull with your other arm. This change in timing should also help to keep your track a bit straighter as well.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Freestyle: Critique and Please Help Improve my Stroke.

    I agree w/flystorm about the cross-over and agree w/her drill idea.
    It looks to me like you're swimming in a serpentine fashion. I think you need to tightened your core and think about a straight body alignment. Instead of rolling in segments, think of your midsection (shoulder to hip) as 1 fixed unit and roll it as one.
    Other than that I think you look smooth, relaxed, and strong.

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    Re: Freestyle: Critique and Please Help Improve my Stroke.

    I agree with the things you pointed out yourself. There are some who’ll disagree with my assessment, but I see your hand entering the water before your arm is fully extended in the catch. Some swimmers do this, and begin their pull from there. Obviously you wouldn't be getting a maximum pull in that case. Comparatively, think of running, and as you extend your leg out in front for your next stride you don't extend it all the way. In your case, you’re hand is entering the water…THEN you’re extending it the rest of the way…under water. That is counterproductive -- you’re pushing against the oncoming water. In the running comparison, instead of extending your leg out in the air, you drag is across the ground. For a more efficient stroke, you should get a full extension/catch and begin your pull as soon as your hand enters the water.

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    Re: Freestyle: Critique and Please Help Improve my Stroke.

    Agree with above. Also , when you dive in , they to keep the knees from bending and landing on your upper thighs. Point your legs and toes straight back on the start and entry.

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