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Thread: Congratulations to GAJA!

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    Thumbs up Congratulations to GAJA!

    Congratulations to GAJA for 1st place!

    A big thanks to Ed Saltzman and his crew of volunteers for doing a fantastic job on Nationals! This was my third Masters meet since joining in February and a fantastic experience for me! I enjoyed the entire experience so much and am very happy I have gotten back into swimming! THANKS!!!

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    Re: Congratulations to GAJA!

    I second that!!!
    "Your body will go places your mind never thought it would go, as long as you are mentally tough enough to push it, drag it or carry it there." Tracy A. Burkholder

    "If it is to is up to me!" Author unknown.... got it off the wall at Westminster School in Atlanta.

    Breaststroke - For the swimmer who finds the other strokes too easy!!!!!!

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