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Thread: What Does USMS Need to do to grow to 100,000+ Members?

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    Re: What Does USMS Need to do to grow to 100,000+ Members?

    OK, coaches have not yet stepped up to recruit. That's not unexpected. The title of this discussion is how does USMS get to 100,000 members?

    How about why? There are many current members who will see the growth very personally and in a negative light, feeling that they have to share a training lane with 2 more people. USMS sould be actively going out and getting new clubs started and on a sustainable growth path. Still, why? USMS tries very hard to attract outside money for operations. This is done primarily from the national office and is the main reason we even decided to hire an executive director. USMS has been told more than once by very large potential sponsors that 100K was the magic number of members.

    Shall we continue to follow the current path of having one or two people in the NO make calls begging for money? Or make a concerted effort to rapidly attain the goal of 100K members in order to ease the burden of costs that mainly fall upon the membership in constantly rising dues?

    Shall we continue to slavishly pander to the tiny OW segment that we have been chasing for 6+ years in hopes there was a growth opportunity not yet exploited? Doing that only cost USMS $1+ million in elevated insurance premiums over the last 3 years. Great plan, huh? And we continue to plaster OW pictures and stories in the magazine. Apparently someone thinks the insurance companies are stupid. Perhaps if we went back to putting OW in perspective; as a part of the organization that is to be supported by USMS commensurate with its actual membership, rather than making it a poster child that costs USMS bundles of money in premium payments for as long as we persist with this program.
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    Re: What Does USMS Need to do to grow to 100,000+ Members?

    Michael: Think we do it by encouraging more facilities, newer or non-USMS, to have Masters programs, particularly in winter. Baby boomers are aging, want to be healthy, and not always have good weather to run or bike. Why not swim more, particularly in winter? Do we send out information packets, target those facilities? We, in our area, are one of the Top 25 Swimming cities, yet we have few formal Masters programs on this side of our State, MI, whether they be a club, like our own Michigan Lakeshore Aquatics Masters, or a workout group, like Stray Cats, of the Regional Club, Michigan Masters, based on the other side of the state. Think targeting those facilities would help move us toward 100,000 members, without crowding lanes already in use, or begging for $$/sponsors. Thanks for your thoughtful comments, MH; I'll listen/read others' comments, now. JP

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    Re: What Does USMS Need to do to grow to 100,000+ Members?

    Growth is equal to Marketing - It's all about bringing the product to the market space. We current Master swimmers are good at telling ourselves our own story. We do it on the forums. We do it at convention every year. We need to be telling the Non-Master swimmer about us. It is those individuals at the facilities that are “just lap swimmers”. The folks that swam summer league during their youth. Look at our mission statement, “To promote health, wellness, fitness and competition for adults through swimming.” The second word is key (IMHO), PROMOTE. There needs to be an initiative at a NATIONAL level. Much like the article that ran last August in the Wall Street Journal, we need an advertisement/communication say as an example in the USA Today newpaper. A one page ad that showcases the logo and website would catch people’s attention. Thinking outside the box is what is going to help us expand that box. We have three Core Objectives; “Service the membership”, “Educate the membership”, and “Build the membership”. We have performed admirably on the first two, now we need to execute on the third.
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    The opinions expressed in the above post are mine and not those of U.S. Masters Swimming.

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    Re: What Does USMS Need to do to grow to 100,000+ Members?

    One area that is a problem is there is not much that encourages people who learned to swim as adults (or will learn) into the program. Unless one goes to meets, there's not a forced reason to be in USMS. There isn't a lot of support you get otherwise in terms for your money, and do people really need to improve or want to improve, their strokes? You can talk about the discounts you get for being a member.

    Otherwise, if I just learned to swim, what is in it for me? What do the Y's or other groups, what can they do, in terms of promoting things when it is very small the # of people who swim due to expense and time?

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