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Thread: Any triathletes in Aiken SC?

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    Any triathletes in Aiken SC?

    I know that there must be triathletes around Aiken so I was just wondering where you do your swimming training? I'm just a swimmer, not a triathlete but I was looking for a place for an organized workout. I'll be moving to Aiken in a few weeks and I'm anxious to get back in the water once I'm settled in. Any Info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Any triathletes in Aiken SC?

    Hey. I live in Aiken and the answer to your question depends on WHERE you move to in Aiken. There are private country clubs you can join like Fermata, Woodside, or Houndslake. There's also a Natatorium at USC-Aiken. The Family Y has just broken ground but won't be finished for quite some time. Gold's Gym has a pool but it's small. I do tri's but only sprints due to my lack of swimming capability. So, I too am looking for a Masters Swim group. Please let me know if you find one because I'm interested.

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