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Thread: September - October CMSA Lane Lines

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    September - October CMSA Lane Lines

    The September - October CMSA Lane Lines newsletter is completed and will be posted by tomorrow.

    This issue includes:
    CMSA Semi-Annual Meeting
    Chat from the Chair
    LC Nationals Recap
    Swim Across America
    Help Coach!
    IGLA Championships Recap
    Saluki Summer Challenge
    Waikiki Rough Water Swim
    Registrar's Report
    Bids for CMSA State Meet 2004
    SC Nationals in Indy 2004
    Dr. Edward J. Shea
    The 2003 Urban Expedition
    SC Meter Meets in the Area
    Big Shoulders
    Message from the Vice-Chair
    Chicago Swim
    USMS 5k Open Water Swim
    Falls Means Fitness
    CMSA Board Members 2003-2005
    CMSA By-Laws Draft Proposal

    This is a huge issue, 28 pages in all...and there are no meet entries in this edition! I hope you all enjoy it.

    Carl Saxton
    CMSA Secretary/Newsletter editor

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    2003 Sept- Oct CMSA Newsletter now posted

    |got waves?


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