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Thread: Swimming and diabetes

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    Re: Swimming and diabetes

    Quote Originally Posted by mino View Post
    Wow... My mother has Type II, maybe I should get her in the pool instead of walking.
    Hi, Mino. I think walking is great, too, especially for people who don't like to get wet! Tell your Mom about Mark Hyman's Blood Sugar Solution. It helped me enormously with lots of encouragement and a plan that really works!

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    Re: Swimming and diabetes

    Hi there,

    My story is not nearly are smart as some of the others but thought I would share. In February my Doc gave me a glucose meter with instructions to stab myself twice daily. I was told that I would be (probably) put on diabetes meds to go along with my cholesterol and blood pressure meds. I weighed 260 lbs and had a 48 inch waist. My BMI was in the OMG range. At the time my exercise regime consisted of logging into World of Warcraft and killing fantasy monsters 3-6 hours a night and killing multiple bags of doritos. The glucose meter was the wakeup. I hate needles! I joined and put myself on a "lose 1 pound per week" diet and started doing some aerobics at the university gym. After 3 months and a return to the MD, I was told to keep using the meter every three days and no additional meds. I then joined Masters Swimming. After three months of that, we got to toss the meter and we have reduced my blood pressure meds by 2/3. I currently weigh 210 with a 37 inch waist. My goal is to eliminate all of my meds by Jan 1st (and be 180/34). For me, exercise is key and Masters Swimming provides the support, challenge, and motivation to make it happen.


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    Re: Swimming and diabetes

    Quote Originally Posted by selkie View Post
    He's a type 1, but diabetes and swimming made me immediately think of Gary Hall. Jr.
    Gary Hall Jr. works with Diabetes Research Foundation in a big way. If any of you would like to read a story where he touches on his swimming and diabetes we have one in ISSN 2164-3997 Vol. 4.2, which happens to be the free-edition until November. I can send it to anyone who wants to read it. The magazine is delivered quarterly so I can not link to it. All I need to know is where to send it. email put Free Edition Vol. 4.2 in the subject line - or sign-up at

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    Re: Swimming and diabetes

    I'm the same with Bill. I used to addicted to WoW, played day and night and always ate fast food with out physical exercise. Then diabetes came and I realized I should do something. So I go swimming everyday now.

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    Re: Swimming and diabetes

    Quote Originally Posted by SealGirl View Post
    I've been reading the forums for awhile now and thought it would be useful to have a thread where people can talk about their experiences of swimming with diabetes.

    I was diagnosed with Type II last summer and started Metformin. I've had conflicting advice about diet and have found that what works best for me is low carb. I had been swimming about 1500 meters three or four times a week prior to diagnosis. As I have increased my yardage to 5000 meters five or six times a week, my blood sugar has been easier to manage (down from 196 to 105) without hypoglycemia. I am still learning about supplements.

    I am very interested in other people's experiences and that you have found helpful. Thanks!
    Had an operation in 2008 and was put on prandin as one of my medications, a second operation in 2009 and was switched to Metformin to control my blood sugar. Started back swimming in 2011 (regular week 3x3000, 2x4500 mainly timed sets). In 2012 I stopped taking Metformin for a month and took the A1C test, the results were fine and I no longer take any diabetes medicines (daily count 80-110 after stopping). Don't know if I am an unusual case?

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    Re: Swimming and diabetes

    I've got Type-II diabetes. My hemoglobin A1C was 6.7 in 2011 and I had two other readings of 6.5. I weighed 232. I swam as a youth and decided to go back to it, since I hate running. I started with just about a half a mile a few times a week. In the last 2-3 years, I have increased my yardage to 2-3 thousand three times a week, sometimes four. I don't do super long distances, but I tend to do sprint workouts with a lot of near race-paced sets. My last three A1C readings were totally in the normal range (between 5.2 and 5.5) and I now weigh 193 with 14% body fat. Recently, I had a neck injury (old disc herniation that flared up) and didn't swim for six weeks. I had a MUCH harder time controlling my sugar, and was even getting some readings over 200 and morning sugars of 125-135. Once back in the pool, my morning readings are back in the very low 100s or even mid to high 90s.

    I presently take metformin 500-1000 per day (extended release)
    I also take:
    Losartan (blood pressure, but also protective of kidneys against damage from diabetes)
    Pravastatin (same idea...don't really have high cholesterol, but it's the standard of practice)
    Chromium picolinate
    Cinnamon extract
    Alpha-lipoic acid
    a bunch of other supplements, like Co-Enzyme Q10, a multi, etc.
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