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Thread: I'm looking for coaching practise

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    I'm looking for coaching practise

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Tad, I'm from Poland. I'm an active masters swimmer and a coach of Masters swimming team - CityZen Poznan (
    I'm going to the US for summer on Work&Travel USA Program
    authorized by the U.S. government. I have J-1 VISA , allowing me to work legally within the U.S.(way, I'm student of cognitive science).
    I'm looking for club, where could I make coaching practise. I going to Myrtle Beach and I'll be there since 10th of June till 3rd of September. Then I have one month time for traveling. I cover cost of my travel & housing or accommodations, so I just need club, who give me opportunities to lerning I will be grateful for any informations.

    my email:

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    Re: I'm looking for coaching practise

    Well, I can't point you in the right direction since I am not a coach, but I wish you luck! I had 6 college teammates from Poland, one or two from Poznan even. One from Racibórz. I don't remember all their home cities. Great bunch of guys.
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