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Thread: At home weight workouts?

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    Talking At home weight workouts?

    Hi everyone, it's summer right now so I'm not on a competitive team (not sure if I will be swimming at college next year), but I still want to stay in swimming shape. Anyways, I can't really get to a pool that often, maybe once or twice a week if I'm lucky, so I have to use my weights and whatnot at home.

    What are some good workout programs that I can do to stay in decent competitive shape until I can get to my college's pool in the fall? Anything is welcome, weights running etc. anything to help me stay in shape and shed the pounds I've gained since last season ended.


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    Re: At home weight workouts? posts a workout of the day everyday.
    They have a video section that shows how to do all the stuff in case you aren't familiar with the movements.
    good stuff.

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