I'm sure this has already been asked a thousand times, but I'm looking for some advice anyway. First, a little background info.

I took up swimming for the first time in years about six months ago and have been in the pool three times a week ever since. I've mostly been doing long distance swims. I started with a one-mile open water race, then did a 5k open-water race two months later and recently did my first 8k swim in the pool.

Now that open water season is over I want to swim in my first USMS meet, but I have no idea how to train for it and I haven't done an actual pool event since high school. I train in a pool, but haven't been training for pool events. I'm registered to swim in the 1,650-yard freestyle on the first day of the meet and then the 500-yard freestyle on the second day.

I know the distances aren't a problem for me to finish, but I need to do something to increase my speed and acclimate myself to doing flip turns again (obviously not necessary in open-water swims).

The race is in six weeks and if somebody has any structured sets I could do, I would really appreciate it. Detailed descriptions of the terminology would help, for I don't understand a lot of the swim jargon listed on some of the stuff I've been reading. I plan on swimming three times per week.
Thank you all so much for any advice you can give me.