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Thread: Canadian swimmers

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    Canadian swimmers

    Hi, I would like to view the workout forum, but it only appears to be available to USMS swimmers. Is there a way Canadian swimmers registered with Canadian Masters could have access to it? Thanks.

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    Re: Canadian swimmers

    As noted, on-line workouts are a service provides to USMS members.

    Currently, Swimming Canada does not share their membership database with USMS, nor are they likely to do so, which makes it difficult and costly to verify membership. The simplest solution may be to join USMS and consider the membership dues an investment in coaching.

    There isnít any problem with holding memberships in more than one Masters Swimming national governing body; in fact there are a number of people who do this today. There are some restrictions when it comes to participation in competitions, but if you always compete as Canadian Masters, then there is no problem.

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