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Thread: Distance Per Stroke Workout.

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    Distance Per Stroke Workout.

    We like to do sets like this that make you aware of stream lined swimming and focus on the front and back of stroke.
    In the set of 50's try to swim both 50's the same speed. Notice that the distance per stroke 50 should be less effort with same time.

    Warm up ----------

    Main Set

    6 x 75 sprint 1st and last 25

    50 free 80% 20 sec rest, 50 free distance per stroke,
    Check times

    4 x 200 20 seconds rest, watch time. try to keep all the same time.
    sprint mid 100, first and last 50 distance per stroke,
    Work the streamline off each turn to go at least past the flag.

    5 min swim. Distance per stroke, pick up tempo during last min.

    50 free 80% 20 sec rest, 50 free distance per stroke,
    Check times
    Repeat Compare times with first group of 50's

    6 x 75 Sprint mid 25, distance per stroke on first and last length.
    Warm Down

    charlie tupitza, coach, warrenton masters swim and tri
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