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Thread: Dry-land : Request Feedback

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    Dry-land : Request Feedback

    I'm looking to add a dry-land component to my workouts. My goals with this are to build core strength, improve flexibility, and improve muscle tone (with a wee bit of increased muscle mass). I took the exercises from three books - Swimming Anatomy: McLeod, Dynamic Stretching : Kovacs, and Ultimate Kettlebell Workout : Randolph.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Toe Walk - 10 Yards
    Walk with heals off the ground (on toes/balls of feet)

    Heel Walk - 10 Yards
    Walk on heals with toes in the air

    Overhead Squat - 10 reps
    Hold a light bar overhead as if pressing. Feet shoulder width apart. Slowly drop butt down until thighs parallel with ground. Keep knees behind toes. Press back up.

    Hamstring Handwalk - 10 reps
    Start with hands and feet flat on the ground (Butt-up V). Walk legs to hands without bending knees. Walk hands forward back to starting position.

    Spiderman Crawl - 10 full reps
    Start in a low lunge position with the opposite hand and knee forward. Advance to a mirror position. Try and keep hips low while moving.

    Knee-Shoulder Lateral Walk - 10 full reps
    Start feet shoulder width, arms out in a T pose. Raise a hip, rotate the leg outward (frogger style) and raise knee to armpit.

    Lateral Lunge - 10 full reps
    Start with feet shoulder width. Hands by face - boxer style. Step side and wide. Lower your hips till thigh is parallel with the ground. Bring the moved foot back under as you stand out of the lunge. Repeat other side.

    Upper Body Handwalk - 10 full reps
    Start in high pushup position. Keeping feet in place, walk hands first to the left, then back to center, then right, and back to center.

    Hugs-Cheerleader-Wiper Combo - 10 combo reps
    Hugs: Start with hands in front at shoulder height. Wraps arms around your chest trying to touch opposite shoulder blade. Reverse to a T stance by pulling shoulder blades together.
    Cheerleader: Drop hands down to hips. Bring both arms up overhead in sweeping arcs. Touch palms. Reverse to hands at hips.
    Wiper: Hands in front at shoulder height palms facing. One arm arcs up while other arcs down. Reverse - Warning Will Robinson

    Medicine Ball Over Shoulder Pass - 10 reps each side

    Medicine Ball Chest Pass - 10 passes
    Fire the ball from a center chest start against a wall and catch it.

    Kettlebell Arm Swing - 10 full reps
    Single arm swing with low squat and explosive upswing - swap hands at the top.

    Kettlebell Low Windmill - 10 reps per side
    Start with bell on the inside of your low hand. High hand is over your head and straight. Push hip out to the high side and run the lower hand down to pickup the bell. Look at the high hand. Pull hip in while straightening up. Reverse to set bell back down.

    Kettlebell High Windmill - 10 reps per side
    Same as low but the bell is held in the upper hand locked overhead.

    Standing triceps push down (Bar not rope) 3x10 reps
    Bent-over triceps dumbbell kickback 3x10 per side
    Benchpress narrow grip (12 inch apart) 3x10 reps
    Dumbbell curls (seated) 3x10 per side
    Preacher curls 3x10

    Standing dumbbell raise (Seig heil) 3x10 per side
    Standing lateral raise (inverse hulk) 3x10 reps
    Dumbbell military press 3x10
    Bent-over reverse dumbbell flys 3x10

    Flat barbell benchpress 3x10
    Incline barbell benchpress 3x10
    Flys 3x10

    Ab crunch machine A - 3x15
    Ab twister machine 3x15 each side
    Ab crunch machine B - 3x15

    Chin-Ups 3x10
    Lat pull-down (to chest) 3x10
    Standing straight arm pull-down 3x10
    Seated row machine 3x10
    Bent-over single arm row 3x10 per side
    Lumbar extensions 3x10

    Dumbbell squats 3x10
    Dumbbell step-ups 3x10 per side
    Dumbbell lunges 3x10 per side
    Leg press 3x10
    Leg curl 3x10
    Leg extensions 3x10
    Calf raises 3x10

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    Re: Dry-land : Request Feedback

    Any thoughts? Does it look like it will build/tone muscle for swimming? Think the dynamics will help with flexibility?

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    Re: Dry-land - an exercise for everyone

    Read this article and then watch the associated video at the bottom of the article. It's a super good core stabilizer exercise that everyone should do.

    Single Leg Straight Leg Deadlift Reach is the name of the exercise, and I've done variations of it before. It was introduced to me in the P90X series of workouts. It really works on your balance, really makes you use your core to do so.
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    Re: Dry-land : Request Feedback

    I posted a similar question on the OW forum, re. what other swimmers do to stay healthy. I got a lot of good feedback, including Pilates and Yoga. I can see how these exercises would help strengthen the whole body and plan on attending a Yoga session in the morning .

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