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Thread: Out Of water workout! HELP!

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    Out Of water workout! HELP!

    Hello everyone I searched in forums about out of water workouts , I saw a topic! It was clear! But my problem is that I want to get strength and stamina also speed! I dont know which of them are for strength and stamina and speed! Im 18 years old! I swim for like 7 months! I was playing football before from the age of 7! I stopped before 9 months because of an injury. I thought I could start swimming and I really LOVE this sport! So I will not stop it! I want to go for a championship! Make times , etc!

    in 27.7.2012 we stop our trainings cuz of the summer! We will start again in september , but I dont want to be unpracticed from 27 to 11 september! In this period I would like to get stronger and improve my stamina a lot more!

    Can anyone help me? I would appreciate it much!

    Thanks in advance.
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