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Thread: All hopes crushed?! Breaststroke

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    All hopes crushed?! Breaststroke

    I am a heavy person and I really need/want to improve my breastroke times, any advice?
    I swim in a 25 meter pool.

    My best time is 47.57 in 50 YSC, it is depressing.

    I went back to swimming after almost 10 years. I started in October, season ended in March, I recently went back into the pool, that was my best time this Oct-Mar season

    Any advice?

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    Re: All hopes crushed?! Breaststroke

    hi there -

    congratulations on getting back in the pool!

    I don't have any suggestions except to commiserate and share my plan with you...

    I'm in a similar situation - first time back in over 2 decades, about 30 lbs heavier than when I last swam competitively, and a little disappointed with my times this year.

    I have seen my endurance improve somewhat over the past 9 months after working out about 3 times per week, and so my longer events (200 and up) have seen time improvements (20 sec), but my shorter events (50/100) have not been dramatic (about 1 and 3 seconds, respectively).

    My plan for the 2013 short course season is to seriously work on dropping some weight (goal of 3-5 lbs per month) and to add some dry land training to improve strength. I'm hoping that the combination will help improve my times.

    Also, I've been told that it can take up to 2 years to really get back in the swing of things after an extended absence, so don't lose hope yet!

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    Re: All hopes crushed?! Breaststroke

    Not necessarily. I stopped swimming competitively when I was 8 or 10 (due to constant fights with my parents—it was a rebellious thing) and just got back in the water two or three months ago with a goal of swimming Master's nationals in 2014.

    The great thing about you never truly lose it. Granted, you won't be in the shape you were when you just started out, but within two months, I could barely hit 600 meters in 30 minutes, and now can do 2 km in 45 minutes! Just keep at it, and practice makes perfect! Remember, the hardest part is getting in the car to go to the pool.

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