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Thread: Sprints and other

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    Sprints and other

    I am thinking about focusing on the 50 and occasional 100 (primarily freestyle but some breaststroke as well). I have been swimming basically a mile each workout and think that with a move to more sprint stuff my workouts need to reflect that. I know sprinters generally swim less distance and more intensity but how long in between sets?
    My real big question is: what else besides swimming should I be doing? I figure the weight room would be good but I don't know wha exercises I should do. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Sprints and other

    Check out [ame=""]U.S. Masters Swimming Discussion Forums[/ame] .
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    Re: Sprints and other

    I answered another similar question posted in an earlier thread, as shown below. This is a programme that a few of my clubs competitive masters swimmers have followed, with good to exceptional results. Some examples - at the age of 42 during 3 years training I have dropped from a 26.3 to 24.3 on 50M free. A 33 year old team-mate has dropped from 26.9 to 24.4 in 2 years. Target next year is 23.

    The training plans are very similar to what Fortress posts apparently, but for non-US based swimmers the book is the next best thing. It's not a miracle fix to becoming a world class sprinter, but I believe its the most efficient method of maximising a swimmers sprint potential. Unfortunately it's often at odds with a typical Masters session, which usually caters for everyone but sprinters:

    "I highly recommend the Sprint section of this book, based upon High Intensity Training (HIT) .....

    'Swimming Fastest: A comprehensive Guide to the science of swimming' by Ernest Maglischo

    It has sample training plans and the science behind it. A short summary would be:
    1. Lactate Production training - short sprints (25m/50m) with lots of rest
    2. Lactate Tolerance/Race Pace training - e.g broken 100m's with recovery
    3. Power Sprints training - very short sprints with recovery
    4. Basic endurance every session - aerobic and threshold
    5. Recovery swimming after lactate tolerance sessions

    Some other considerations, all of which can shave time of a PB:
    - Taper cycle - 2-3 weeks decreasing yardage each week
    - Creatine - if a responder
    - Improve technique - not just with drills, but using focus during sprint sessions. Stroke counting during race pace training
    - Starts and turns - track or grab, track with incline blocks
    - Fast swim suit
    - Sprint with fins - very painful but beneficial anaerobic workouts
    - Land training - plyometrics with medicine balls, stretch cords, core work, stretching, stroke specific weights. The Dave Salo book is worth a look"

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