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Thread: What is allowed?

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    What is allowed?

    I subscribe to a couple forums and got an email notification today about an Android swimming app. When I went to view the thread I found it had gone missing. My guess is that the author of the post violated some forum rules, but which one(s)? It appears to be non-commercial, at least in the parting-with-money sense. I downloaded it, and while it certainly seems rough at this point, I suspect some people might find it useful.

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    Re: What is allowed?

    Skip, it is a fine line between commercial and non-commercial. Many people start out with non-commercial sites offering goods or services that ultimately morph into commercial sites. Others may seem non-commercial, but they are getting ad revenue just from getting visitors or users, so they are indeed commercial sites or services. To avoid problems, we don't allow any unsolicited advertising for any goods or services, whether you deem them to be commercial or not. The only exceptions are the coach wanted & coaches seeking jobs area and the event announcements and reviews where you can advertise for those specific services and events.

    For your other (now removed) question, no, we also don't allow for individuals offering used goods either. We simply don't have the personnel to police a dedicated Masters exchange area, and I guarantee that if such an area were opened, people would abuse it.
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