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Thread: Workouts for Returning Swimmers?

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    Workouts for Returning Swimmers?

    My apologies if I am posting in the wrong place or I'm repeating a post. (I'm kind of new to the site as it exists today.)

    I am a 40-something female who is trying to return to swimming after a few years break. I swam in high school and college and returned to swimming (on a fantastic master's team - Go SV Gators!) in my late 30's. But, after a relocation and 2-3 years out of the pool, I am again extremely out of shape. I am trying to get back into swimming shape - but this time on my own, without the benefit of a master's team and coach to support me.

    I am looking for workout ideas that are not necessarily for NEW swimmers, but for RETURNING swimmers who have been out of the pool for a while and are out of shape (starting again). My tendency is to get in the pool and do distance, but I'm sure there are better ways - especially with an aging body - to go about this.

    Thanks for any ideas.

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    Re: Workouts for Returning Swimmers?

    Hi there! Welcome back to the swimming world! I write the workouts for "Expectant Moms" here in these forums, but I know there are others who are enjoying my workouts who are not pregnant. Those that do, say that my workouts are a little easier/less intense, and not necessarily geared towards beginners.

    Best wishes in getting back into shape!

    -Coach Danielle

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