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Thread: Coach pay scale

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    Coach pay scale

    What is current market rate for a part-time, hourly coach? We are in the Raleigh, NC area and have had three volunteer member coaches for the last several years. Prior to that, we paid $15-20 per hour based on experience. We want to make sure we are offering a fair wage to a paid coach. Please respond with your location and pay scale. Thank you!

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    Re: Coach pay scale

    Texas - $16-$25 for part time age group or Masters coach per hour workout. We don't clock in. If workout scheduled for more than 1 hour, pay is adjusted. Coaches are expected to arrive in enough time to set-up pool (gear as needed) and leave after last swimmer clears the pool. All are lifeguard trained, as we do not require a lifeguard to be on deck during workouts.

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