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Thread: Robotic Swim Buddy

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    Robotic Swim Buddy

    I don't know if anyone will be able to view this page. You may have to sign up with New Scientist..

    First couple sentences:

    NOT feeling your front crawl? Breaststroke a little off-kilter? Not to worry, a robotic swimming buddy can help you out.

    Swimoid is a robot that glides along the pool floor underneath you as you swim, monitoring your form and providing real-time feedback on a 50-centimetre LCD screen.

    The triathletes would be quite jealous of you showed up to practice with one of these... :-)

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    Re: Robotic Swim Buddy

    I could see the page and the video. Seemed like it was moving pretty slow. I hope it syncs to the swimmers speed. Looked like the swimmer was adjusting to the speed of the robot.

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