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Thread: Workout suggestions for 55+ swimmers who specialize in 1650?

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    Question Workout suggestions for 55+ swimmers who specialize in 1650?


    Any coach out there who has suggestions for workouts for older masters swimmers who specialize in 1650/1500 would be greatly appreciated. Also suggestions on how to swim the race. E.G. think of it in shorter segments of build, hold, sprint etc.

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    Re: Workout suggestions for 55+ swimmers who specialize in 1

    I'm 50 and really horrible at sprinting. Take a look at some of the freestyle sets I post here: I only post sets that I feel were worthwhile for a distance guy struggling to prepare for longer stuff like the 1650/1500.

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    Re: Workout suggestions for 55+ swimmers who specialize in 1

    I'm 71 and like to break the distance into 100s or 200s.
    Sometimes I'll do 18 x 100, but I usually need others doing it with me.
    My favorite is 5 x 100, 4 x 100, 3 x 100, 2 x 100, 1 x 100. I can decrease the interval on each part or try to descend my swims.
    I also like 2 x 100, 1 x 200. Do that 4 times. Sometimes I'll pull part with paddles and another part without paddles.
    If I get the correct pace on the 100s, I have good carryover to a 1000 or 1650.

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    Re: Workout suggestions for 55+ swimmers who specialize in 1

    I'm 65, not a coach, just a skinny 137lb triathlete who usually kicks butt on everyone of the "swim coach" trained guys in AG from 50 up. My radical advice for open water or pool 1650y/1500m/3000postal/etc,etc is never do any intervals less than 300 yd........unless you like to be one those guys who gets swam over the top of the back midway through an open water race Develop stamina to hold a 1:20-1:whatever pace /100 for the whole race.........let the swimmers doing repeat 50's,75,100, etc die on the vine as you laugh when you pass them.

    Here's an example of one I did today ........... after warmup, 3x 1000 yds
    #1 200pace-50fast-150p-100f....jump out and run around pool.....100p-150f-50p-200fast
    #2 150pace-100fast-100p-150f-50p-200f....jump out and run around pool.....250fast
    #3 repeat #2 with pull buoy and don't run around the pool with the pull buoy between your legs

    remember we are old, low VO2max, sore everywhere and worse of all get slower every year even if we work harder.

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    Re: Workout suggestions for 55+ swimmers who specialize in 1

    Hi, I'm definitely a "55+ swimmer who specialize in 1650". Make it more like "70+ skinny - swimmer" who has swum all my life, coached etc. I would say these swim sets are great.....which ever you do, BUT make the warm up as varied as can be. That means with older swimmers, you need to mix in free/breast/back/kicks/pulling until you reach 900 to 1000, before you begin 400+freestyle, or the shoulders and neck will give you trouble. Jacquie

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