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Thread: Santa Clarita/Castaic Lake: what to do around there?

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    Santa Clarita/Castaic Lake: what to do around there?

    I'll be out at the USA Swimming Open Water Champs next weekend (May 17th to 19th) at Castaic Lake (north of Santa Clarita) with my daughter and her team. I'm wondering if anyone has a 'light on the energy exertion meter' fun idea around that area that we can do during the day. On Saturday before the race Sunday, they'll do a swim on the course in the morning and then have the day free until a technical meeting later in the day. While we can always do a movie, I was just wondering if there's anything else worth seeing in that area that won't be taxing on the body?

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    Re: Santa Clarita/Castaic Lake: what to do around there?

    Kids love Santa Clarita ( because it's home to Six Flags ( and - it's the perfect teenage retreat: you stand around, waiting in line and goofing with your friends, then for a few minutes you're terrified by the rides. But it seems like a good destination for after, not just before competition ... The lake is far enough away so a "fun" trip to L.A. might be pretty exhausting as well. The truth is, a movie might be your best bet.

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