Workout #1
3-5 warm up
3 cycles
4x50s cruise free distance per stroke 75 %hr
10 sec rest in between
4x25 fast :15 sec rest between each 85+hr
200 cruise pull or swim

(1 k,2 drill of choice,3 easy to fast in 25)4
10 sec rest between ea

300 pull or swim focus on relaxing breathe on 3s or 4, pattern

workout #2
3-5 min warm up
8x25 kick w/ fins odds fast evens ez
10 sec rest between ea.

500 pull or swim 75 per heart rate
12x50's at pace sustaining pace interval w/5-8 sec rest
1 min break
100 with fins fast either kick or swim
500 cruise perfect swimming and perfect walls choose your heart rate
warm down

3-5 min warm up
12x50s w/fins
3 cycles (1 kick fast,2 ez perfect swim,3 ez down fast back)

300 pull or swim
6x100s at pace +15 sec #1 to set intv.
keep times like clock work! Working efficiency will do it.
300 pull or swim
3x100 fast you get is much rest as the time you swam them in so make them good.
If you want to add 10 push-ups or 15secs of vertical kick immediately after ea 100 for a booster
300 nice easy active recovery.

6 kick ez 6 swim mix up
warm down

3-5 min warm up.

This is a mental power builder keep moving. You can do fins or no fins or a combo. It's your choice

3 cycles
200 kick
10 min swim
you will find after each cycle the swim will feel better. Perfect efficient strokes=lower stroke count
count and see how far you go ea 10 min. You will find a lot about where you are fitness wise.
Warm down