Workout #1

3-5 min warm up

25 other than free (could be kick),25 free
10 sec rest between ea.

w/fins if you have them
75 cruise distance per stroke, 25 stream line kick under water (make a goal of 4-6 kicks under H20 before you come up to breathe. You will need to manage your air letting a little out at a time and saving air to come up with) Hands always in front of head!
20 sec rest between ea.

#1 200 kick
#2 25 drill of choice, 25 swim for the 200
#3 All swim best effort

1:00 rest and then 50 fast!
Warm down


3-5 minute warm up

300 (25 scull, 25drill,25 swim)4

3 cycles
4X25 fast kick w/board and face in the water
:Sec rest after ea.
2X100 cruise free style w/paddles nice long strokes use your legs
2X50's Fast what ever your time is= to rest time. Takes 35 sec to swim a 50 you rest 35 sec
200 active recovery
1 min break

This little set will kick your butt if done properly. Take each cycle as its own. Cycle #2 you can use fins.
Feel free to mix up strokes and have fun with it.

warm down

3-5 min warm up

Odds 25 toombstone kick, 25 swim
Evens 25 swim, 25 toombstone kick
For tombstone kick take kick board and submerge half of it under water while you kick= resistance kicking
We are looking for foot speed here.
15 sec rest after ea.

100 cruise dps 50 over kick w/slow arms
Kick is moving 4-6 times faster than arms
:15 sec rest between ea.

Odds 50 cruise 25 fast
Evens 25 fast 50 cruise
add :15 sec to #1 to create interval

4(25kick, 25 drill, 25 build)
:10 sec rest

warm down


3-5 warm up

Today is a longer take your time or use the time you have day.

8 minute swim or 300
50 Fast Swim swim time= rest time
50 Fast Kick kick time = rest time

repeat 3-5 cycles

Even if you only have time for one great way to end the week!