Hello everybody, I need some advices for some trainings. I will take over until september a master session focused on stroke correction. It will be for 1 hour every sundays. My squad has 2 different levels (slow lane, middle and fast very similar pace).
My idea from now until september was to have each session focused on 2 strokes and do many drills.
FS, BS (session 1)
FS BK (session 2)
BR Fly (session 3)
IM, BK (session 4)
DPS, Sprints, scullings (session 5)

Repeat the same increasing distances until session 8
Session 9 and 10 focused on relays and races

However i was advised to do half of my training speed and other half distances according to everybodys wishes.
But I still have to work on stroke correction

Any suggestions, ideas? thanks