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Thread: Best Swim Mask

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    Best Swim Mask

    My sinuses get dry and bleed easily from chlorine. Was wondering which swim mask won't fall of or leak when doing flip turns and swimming (freestyle). Thanks.

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    Re: Best Swim Mask

    A better alternative might be to wear goggles and then use a nose clip. That's what I do.

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    Re: Best Swim Mask

    I've tried a couple of the hybrid swim masks. I was hoping to eliminate the ugly raccoon eye marks I experience long after swimming each day. Initially I liked the Aqua Sphere Vista, and the TYR ones very well. After about 5 weeks of use the silicone quit sticking to my cheeks and they both started sliding around on my face no longer able to seal. I rinsed the masks after each workout in cool tap water as advised by both companies. For the price of the masks ($30-$40) I would expect them to work longer.

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