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Thread: What to expect in first day of Masters?

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    What to expect in first day of Masters?

    Hi! I am a sophomore college student, from Houston, TX, at Texas A&M looking to join a Masters Swim in the Rec Center on campus. My background story: During my freshman year at A&M, I wasn't able to dedicate time to working out, because I was busy dealing with my pre-med classes as a biology major. After my freshman year, I came back to martial arts training where I left off, but also decided to take up swimming for fun. Back in May, I started swimming some laps at the nearby YMCA pool. At first, I could barely swim straight 25 m across the pool and had to take long rest intervals in between each lap. Eventually, with continual practice throughout summer, I am now able to swim at least 1000 - 1200 m total workout. It's okay considering that back in May I could only do 200-500 m total workouts at most. I have been in martial arts for 7 years, and I will tell you that swimming is hard, but awesome! Anyways, coming into my sophomore year, despite dealing with classes like Organic Chem , I would like to continue swimming year-round. So, I registered for the Masters Swim that will start next week in the Rec Center on campus. I am a little nervous for it, since I never did a masters before. At the same time, I am excited about trying it out. I am probably gonna start out in the slowest lane or 2nd slowest, just to get used to the structure of the workout. I am looking forward to enjoying my sophomore year with my classes, masters swim (hopefully, fingers crossed), and watching Aggie football . Long story short, What am I expecting on the first day of masters? Any advice or tips? Thanks!

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    Re: What to expect in first day of Masters?

    Our Master's swim group accomodates all levels. If you can do 1200m, you'd be fine in our masters group. They usually would do 2000 for the main group (novice-ish) levels, and more for the faster swimmers, but our coach is flexible. I'm a novice and started swimming less than 2 years ago. Whether you are a learner, coming off injury or long as youtry your best and don't complain, i'm sure it's all good. If you want, show up for a practice one day and just observe and talk to the coach. some days have a mellower group than others, and that's the days that I choose. good luck!

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    Re: What to expect in first day of Masters?

    If you can endure a year of O-Chem, then masters workout should be fine

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    Re: What to expect in first day of Masters?

    if your group trains after the Aggie water polo team, watch out for horses & their by products.

    Just show up for practice and train.

    Find your lane. Beginners tend to over estimate their abilities when they begin.

    Play nice, if you're sharing a lane, Learn about lane etiquette.
    + stay on the right side, don't get in the way, if you can't make the intervals move to a slower lane, if you skip a 50 rest on the side out of the pool, when leaving every 5 seconds in a lane wait till you see the 4 before you push off. DOn't push off on the 2 or the 3.
    Swim the set at the right pace
    If you're leading the lane, pay attention and do the correct # of lengths and leave on the right intervals

    Make friends

    ASK for Help

    Know why you're swimming and or what your goals are.

    Have fun

    Keep showing up, become a regular.

    Consider entering a meet.

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