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    Lightbulb LMSC Development Peer-to-Peer Forums

    Recommended Practices (and other documents!) for each practice area will be posted to the “Guide to Operations” on the USMS website

    Online Discussion Forums allow LMSC volunteers to post questions, share issues and participate in non-real-time discussions, as well as to view prior conversations and ideas.

    1. Registrar Forum / [Registrar Forum is a “closed” forum for current Registrars only] / Registration Practices
    2. Treasurer Forum / / Finance Practices
    3. Secretary Forum / / Governance Practices (including bylaws vs. policies, conflict of interest, etc.)
    4. Chair Forum (includes Vice Chair & Awards and Recognition) / /

    Volunteer Practices (recruiting new volunteers, helping volunteers work together effectively, awards and recognition, etc) &
    Membership Practices (member satisfaction, outreach to new types of members, manage relationships with affiliated organizations, etc)

    1. Communications Chair & Webmaster Forum / / Communication Practices
    2. Coaches Chair & Club Development Forum / / Team & Training Practices
    3. Fitness Chair Forum / / Fitness Event Practices
    4. Sanctions Chairs Forum (includes Safety) / / Pool Competition Practices & Open Water Competition Practices
    5. Officials Chair Forum / / Pool Competition Practices
    6. Meet Directors Forum / / Pool Competition Practices
    7. Open Water Event Directors Forum / / Open Water Competition Practices
    8. Top 10 Recorder Forum / / Top Times Practices
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