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Thread: 2014 Goals

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    2014 Goals

    Prior to approving our 2014 budget, the Minnesota Masters Swimming board discussed our priorities and set goals for 2014. We ended up with a *very* ambitious list of goals - we're not sure if we'll accomplish all of them this year, but they are all things we plan to do eventually if not this year! I'm interested to hear any feedback on our goals, but especially interested to hear what your LMSC's goals are!


    MN Masters 2014 Goals

    Board of Directors / Governance
    1. Create backup / cross-training program for continuity and succession planning
    2. Document policies & procedures to support bylaws
    3. Continue to meet all USMS “LMSC Required Standards” and meet more “Suggested” Standards
    4. Remain active in USMS National Committees & Convention

    5. Increase number of active board members from 12 to 14
    6. Create annual volunteer award program

    7. Increase Registration from 999 to 1100
    a. Increase proportion of triathlete members
    b. Increase proportion of younger than 30-years-old members
    8. Increase attendance at 3rd annual Awards Banquet
    9. Develop MN Masters Hall of Fame

    Fitness, Training & Skills
    10. Host 6 successful fitness events (group workouts and/or postal swim workouts)
    11. Host 3 successful clinics (starts & turns, open water, stroke technique)
    12. Promote Fitness Log Mileage (track total mileage of all MN swimmers to compare year over year)

    Pool Competition
    13. Host 9 successful meets during the year (expand from 7 to 9)
    14. Host at least one meet of each course type: SCY, SCM, LCM (add a SCM meet)
    15. Host at least one outdoor meet
    16. Improve timeliness of reporting of record-setting times (report prior to next meet)
    17. Increase MN Masters attendance at “away” meets – Nationals, Worlds, Senior Games, etc.

    Open Water Competition
    18. Continue “Open Water Half Marathon” Series
    19. Host 5 successful open water events (increase from 4 to 5)
    20. Create “Marathon Swim / Channel Swim” resource

    21. Create Distribution List for Coach Communication
    22. Increase involvement of Coaches in board meetings & event planning

    Affiliated Organization Outreach
    23. Promote MN masters with marketing materials and/or swim clinics at 3 triathlons
    24. Provide more opportunities to volunteer as ‘angel swimmers’ for triathlons

    25. Host 2nd annual Thanksgiving charity swim
    26. Host 2nd annual Habitat for Humanity build day
    27. Host 24 hour swim charity event
    28. Host a free swim lesson event

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    Re: 2014 Goals

    Hi Tom,

    These are great goals - always better to reach HIGH and see how many you can check off the list. I plan on making a copy and distributing to our board members this week to discuss at our meeting Feb 22.

    Lynn Morrison

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    Re: 2014 Goals

    Thanks very much for posting these laudable goals from the MN LMSC. An ambitious agenda indeed!

    One question I have regards LMSC Board representation - at what number does Board member effectiveness diminish? We at NC's LMSC host most of our Board meetings by teleconference, and communication management can be unwieldy with so many opinions. Of course we want to encourage volunteer participation, so it's a good idea in theory to expand your MN Board as you've listed.

    We also hope to expand our membership, and try to provide membership incentives to those under 25 and/or over 80 years of age.

    After the 2013 USAS Convention, we also realized that succession planning is a cornerstone for success, so we have brought several new, younger, and enthusiastic athletes onboard.

    I like the idea of rewarding volunteers, the NC LMSC plans to sponsor the applications of several of our members for USMS-level awards. Having said that, what an interesting idea to have an LMSC-level HOF. We have awarded an "Outstanding Male/Female" swimmer for over a decade, and recently expanded to both pool and OW/LD separate awards. We are also hammering out criteria for Coach of the Year awards, which will be tied to LMSC contributions and team growth.

    The LMSC has not specifically stated a goal of hosting a certain number of events, but last year we did agree to sanction one event per year in each of the three pool categories as the "State Championships". We did try last year to subsidize OW events due to the insurance cost increase, but have not done so for 2014. At the LMSC level, we haven't promoted charity events, but several of our workout groups within the LMSC host learn-to-swim and other outreach events.

    Again, best wishes in accomplishing your agenda, and thanks for posting it!

    "What, Me Worry"? - Alfred E. Neuman

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