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Thread: Goggles and nose bridge pressure

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    Goggles and nose bridge pressure

    So I have finally gone to Rx goggles yay for that! The Speedo Vanquisher fits my eye sockets so comfortably I'm in love, but none of the bridges sit high enough. I was going to live with it until the depression on my nose became a cut and someone noticed it was bleeding. Yay.

    Any ideas on how to alleviate this? I have thought long and hard about how to build a little pad for it, but everything I try won't stay attached. I used to wear the Swedish goggle that had the little tubing thing wish I still had those thta might be a fix.

    Thanks for any ideas

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    Re: Goggles and nose bridge pressure

    I don't have this problem, but thinking that a small length (slightly shorter than the nose bridge space between the eye pieces) of latex 3/32", 1/8", or 3/16" ID surgical tubing surrounding the nose bridge would work. You can measure the nose bridge width to see what size works. I think 1/16" is to narrow for the bridge to pass through and don't have my goggles along to measure them. Google surgical tubing or try a drug or hardware store.
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    Re: Goggles and nose bridge pressure

    Hi vo2!

    Sorry to hear about your nose.

    I don't know if this may help. I have just repaired a friend's pair of goggles. She had some how pulled the nose-bridge's tab off. With no replacement nose bridge I cut some surplus off the head-strap, cut the end diagonally then threaded this through the holes. Luckily due to the thickness of her particular head-strap the new nose piece made from the head-strap stayed in place. it was probably not needed but I wrapped some black thread over the end (around the protruding part of the goggle where the hole is so it is away from any skin contact) which helped to secure it in place. This was a just over a week ago; only time will tell if it will eventually pull through.

    Anyways my thoughts are that this silicone from the strap maybe less harsh than the nose bridge that damaged your skin?

    I hope you manage to get it sorted one way or another.

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    Re: Goggles and nose bridge pressure

    Another option is to try SwimOutlet's Sporti S2 goggles. These are very similar to Speedo Vanquishers in terms of shape and fit, but may be just different enough to avoid the problems you're experiencing. They're only $7.95, so it's not tough on the wallet to try out a pair. They also have the Pro II and Positive prescription goggles for the same price, but they are a different shape. I tried them all and settled on the S2 as my favorite and now buy them in bulk in case they stop making them. The SwimOutlet prescription goggle page is at
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    Re: Goggles and nose bridge pressure

    I have a both the Sporti S2s and the Speedos and have to say the fit is almost identical. The Sporti's nosepiece seems just a little more flexible, but its possible that's just because I've had them for longer.

    A couple of thoughts :
    1. Might be worth a quick call to Speedo to see if they make a larger nose-piece that you could order separately....
    2. Take a look at Swedish goggles . They come with a nose-piece you 'build' yourself. I'm sure that with some hardware store browsing you could find a similar rubber piece for the middle (or maybe this surgical tubing Sojerz mentioned? ) and a little stretchy string..

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    Re: Goggles and nose bridge pressure

    Every speedo goggle I've tried digs in to my nose bridge (excluding the speed socket), and using the supplied larger piece doesn't fix the problem for it is just an eye spacing adjustment. Had cuts from them too, after start practicing from the block. The TYR Tracer fits perfectly and performs well too, but unfortunately they're becoming hard to find and don't last. I just purchased another TYR brand that fit's well, but I don't recall the name.

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    Re: Goggles and nose bridge pressure

    My goggles had the same fix problem and it also gave me some pain. You wonít believe what actually solved the problem. I had sinus infection problem for some time now and it was due to septum deviation. Finally, I had to correct the deviation from Rhinoplasty Centre, Toronto, and believe me, it solved the problem of my goggles not getting fixed properly.

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    Re: Goggles and nose bridge pressure

    Getting a nose job to make one's goggles fit better might be a little extreme for some people.

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    Re: Goggles and nose bridge pressure

    I used to wear RX goggles , but now just wear last month's contacts for pool time in my Vanquishers. They stay on in all turns & starts!

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