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Thread: LMSC Coaches Chairs Peer-to-Peer teleconference - Wed Feb 19

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    LMSC Coaches Chairs Peer-to-Peer teleconference - Wed Feb 19

    UPDATE! - MINUTES/NOTES from the Coaches Chairs P2P teleconference

    This announcement went via email to all LMSC Coaches Chairs and LMSC Chairs/Vice chairs. The conversation will be geared toward Coaches Chairs and their roles, successes and struggles in connecting and "coaching the coaches" rather than coaching the swimmers. The LMSC Coaches Chairs are a key link for LMSCs to build coached clubs and programs, so we hope to have a great conversation! Lori Payne will be facilitating the ~45-60 minute discussion.
    Next in the LMSC Development Committee's series of facilitated round-table conversations is the...

    Coaches Chairs Peer-to-Peer Teleconference
    Date and Time: Feb 19 2014 08:30 PM - (US/Eastern)
    (if you did not receive the email invite and would like to participate, please email for the teleconference dial-in information as this is a public forum)

    • How do your activities in the position of Coaches Chair compare with the job description template* in the USMS Guide to Operations?
    • What are the most successful ways you connect coaches in your LMSC?
    • How do Masters coaches and age-group+Masters coaches differ?
    • Are there other issues or problems that you’d like some collaborative help to solve?

    Ways you can get your item into the approximately 60-minute conversation:

    • Share it at the teleconference with your peers
    • Post it to the USMS Forums (Coaching/Coaches and Club Development)
    • Email your question in advance to Lori Payne and she can bring it up

    We’re looking forward to having you be part of the conversation!

    - Lori Payne
    USMS LMSC Development Committee
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    Re: LMSC Coaches Chairs Peer-to-Peer teleconference - Wed Fe

    Thanks to Bill for participating tonight!
    Best Idea I heard: Jerry's idea to track down "missing" coaches: periodically ask swimmers who their coach is now.

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