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Thread: UC Club Abbreviations

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    Re: UC Club Abbreviations

    Quote Originally Posted by jseidler View Post
    To my knowledge, there has never been a USMS practice, convention or policy specifying the content of the "Team Name" or "Short Name" on the Teams panel of Hy-tek's ( Meet Manager program...
    Quote Originally Posted by jseidler View Post
    The use of UCxx and OEVT has been a discussion topic of the Records and Tabulation Committee as we know that "unattached" is used all over the internet in meet results.
    Quote Originally Posted by jseidler View Post
    But, overall, there is no USMS guideline or standard for the Team Name or Short Name.

    Where did you learn of a practice to use UCnn for Team Name and Short Name?
    Jeanne, I'm not sure who you're addressing with this post, but I'll assume it's me, as I'm the thread's creator.

    The above-quoted snips of your post are the most salient points for me. I had been worried (which was confirmed, for better or worse, by a post of Chris's upthread) that FINA was going to have objections to the word "unattached" appearing anywhere in results from SCM or LCM meets, and what, as a TTR, I needed to do in order to make sure results were going to be acceptable to FINA, in light of the fact that MM files are coming from Club Assistant with the word "unattached" spelled out.

    This was an issue I first encountered back in the fall when my LMSC was running a SCM meet, and I had reached out to Kathy Casey (who then reached out to Leo Lentendre) and I was told that, when we switched from "UNAT" to UCxx, that all three fields were to be the UCxx code, in order to prevent "unattached" from being able to appear in meet results for meters meets. So, for that meet, I assumed it was just an oversight from Club Assistant, But when I again encountered this issue with all the subsequent meets we've had in our LMSC, I started this thread to see how other LMSCs were handling this, and to see if there was more information I could gather, since I was not at convention last year (I took over TTR duties at the start of November of last year).

    Based on this thread and your confirmation, I'm glad to know it wasn't just me not being able to find a set policy. I think that not having some sort of policy or guidance in place on how to avoid "unattached" from showing up in meet results is a glaring oversight, especially if FINA really is going to reject results out of hand if they even see "unattached" in public meet results.

    I feel like this has an easy fix, which is to have Club Assistant ensure that all UCxx club abbreviations, along with the long and short form team names, are all the UCxx codes. I know not all meet directors use Club Assistant, but I feel like there must be a huge majority of directors using it, so there would be very few cases of "unattached" showing up in meters meet results. Now, it may turn out that coding the MM files this way is a huge headache, which I wouldn't know about, as I'm a mere chemist, not a computer programmer

    Hopefully that clarifies where I'm coming from with this thread!

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    Re: UC Club Abbreviations

    The first I heard about UCxx in anything other than the club abbreviation field, or about the word "unattached" being in any way verbotten, was right here in this thread.
    Coach Emmett Hines - ASCA Level 5
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