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Thread: 4500 yard IM Workout 4/20/02

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    Thumbs up 4500 yard IM Workout 4/20/02

    This workout is not for everybody. But if you are looking to work on you IM, endurance, endurance butterfly or just want to get a 4000+ workout... this is the workout for you.

    We feel that long warm-ups are essential, especially in masters swimming. During your warm-up there are many things that go through your mind and body.

    1. Getting used to the water tempeture.
    2. Stretching out all those kinks and sore muscles
    3. Forgetting all about work related issues and concentrating on stoke technique and breathing.
    4. Forgetting about any personall troubles you may be having and begin daydreaming.
    5. Counting laps, some of use like to count by laps while others like to count by 50's or 100's.
    6. While warming up it's ok to stop once in a while to stretch out a muscle that needs stretching. Once we start the main set you should be ready to go.

    warm up:

    1400 yards- Mostly free but throw in occastional laps of stroke
    to mix it up.

    1200 IM - (I told you this workout is not for everybody!)

    The biggest accomplishment of this workout is to make it through
    a 300 fly. If you are trying to make a 200 fly at a swim meet this workout is a must!)

    Just try to stay relaxed and make it through the fly.. you will find the backstroke leg of this set a chance to get your wind back.
    This long distance IM gives you great practice on your backstoke
    turns. I find that short sets never give you enough practice on turns. Also really concentrate of stroke technique. When pushing off walls really maxamize your kick coming out of the wall.
    Same goes for your 300 breastoke leg. Get the most out of your stroke and also really try to get maximum pull outs on your turns.
    When you reach the freestyle you'll find yourself rewarding your self knowing this is the last leg of your IM. Just stretch it out and pull through this one.

    Congratulations! You've made 2600 yards already!

    take a minute or two
    then start the next round

    16 x 75's -- 5 to 7 seconds rest between each 75
    (If your next to somebody of equal speed these two seconds help
    pace eachother)

    odd numbers- free

    even numbers- stroke
    50 fly, 25 back, 50 back, 25 breast, 50 breast, 25 free...
    (continue this cycle until you've done a total of 16)

    200 warm down -- (4000)

    5 x 100's on 2 minutes
    Just try to hold your stoke at a good pace.
    first 100 fly, back, breast, free and the last one
    100 IM.

    4500 yards

    warm down a bit if you feel you need it ..
    look for me next week and you can count on another
    4000 - 4500 workout. I promise we will add some Kick into the workout!

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    IM Redemption Workout

    Hey cuzzin, you say you're not getting enough IM in your workouts? You say your new coach doesn't like IM as much as your old coach. Well, you can sneak off and do this one by yourself & feel redeemed! You just need to find a 25 yd/m pool.

    1000 Warmup:

    400 swim
    300 kick
    200 pull
    100 swim

    1000 IM swim:

    400 IM
    300 IM
    200 IM
    100 IM

    Here, the goal is to descend the times as you progress through the set. So, the 100 pace should be pretty fast. Give yourself plenty of rest between IMs.

    1000 IM kick:

    Same order as the swims above, again descending the kick times as you work through the set. Plenty of rest and watch out for leg cramps. You might do a bit of stretching as you go along.

    200 Warm down

    3200 total yds/m with 2000 concentrating on the IM.

    Now, it's Miller time...


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    Another IM workout

    Will Cobb, one of the coaches at the Arizona Mountain Masters team (training at 7000 feet in Flagstaff) gave our group the following IM workout last week. Will always gives his workouts a title. This one is called 'Tom Dolan is the Man' workout.


    15 minutes on your own, EZ pace

    Main set prelim:

    8 X 25 stroke or free, descend BY STROKE COUNT 1-4 and 5-8.

    Main set:

    4 X 100 50 fly/50 back, each 50
    4 X 100 50 back/50 breast, each 50
    4 X 100 50 breast/50 free, each 50

    100 EZ swim

    400 IM long strokes, strong swim

    100 EZ swim

    200 IM FAST

    Warm down:

    200 EZ

    Total yardage/meterage = 2400 plus whatever you get in the warmup.

    mel dyck


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