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Thread: Fitness Event Results

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    Bill Volckening

    Fitness Event Results


    Results of the inaugural USMS 30-Minute Swim Challenge, and the inaugural Virtual Geographic Swim Series are now available in the Fitness section of the USMS web site.

    Results for the 30-Minute Swim Challenge are available at:

    Results for the Virtual Geographic Swim Series are available at:

    Many thanks to Lee Carlson, director of the 30-Minute Swim, and Pam Himstreet, director of the Virtual Swim Series.

    Bill Volckening
    Vice Chair
    USMS Fitness Committee

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    Active Member lizzie's Avatar
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    Many Thanks!

    I got my t-shirt and certificate today for the virtual swim series- they are both really great! Thanks to all who put this event together.

    Who would have thought that I would log the most miles in my age group or be the youngest person to do the event. And, I now have one of the coolest t-shirts ever.

    I am sure that others are up to the virtual swim challenge - it really is a lot of fun - join me in swimming America's waterways!

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    Swimmer Bill
    Way to go, Lizzie!

    I'm looking forward to receiving my T-shirt. Pam is going to save postage and bring it to me at the swim meet this weekend. I can't wait!

    The 30-Minute Swim T-shirt turned out well, too...

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the Virtual Swims. Make sure to encourage your friends to do it this year, and try the 30-Minute Swim, too.

    Swimmer Bill

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    Thumbs up Many Thanks!!

    Many Thanks to Oregon Masters for sponsoring this event and to the people who put this together!!

    I really enjoyed the swims and the articles that went with the venues!

    The T-Shirt is GREAT, the certificate is really COOL!!

    I'll surely be "Back Again" in 2004 or was that doing backstroke again??

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    I had a blast trying to swim all those waterways. Thanks to Pam and all of her helpers in putting this together. I can't wait to get my shirt at the meet this weekend and wear it with pride!

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    Thanks for the virtual swim. I really enjoyed the challenge and it gave me a goal for the year. I will be back next year.

    The Tshirt is great and so is the certificate. In addition this is the only time I will ever get a first place in my life. Yes I realize that I was the only entry in my age group but at my age you take what you can get. The people I work with know that I am obcessed with swimming so I took the certificate to work to show them all 200 miles. My coworkers now feel sorry for my wife.

    I know that your club went to a lot of work to sponser the virtual swim and I appreciate your efforts. Thanks for all of your efforts.

    Have a great day



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