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Thread: Trying To Start A Masters Swim Team

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    Trying To Start A Masters Swim Team

    I only started swimming, other than goofing off in the water, in 2006 in an effort to lose some weight. Anyway, after a couple of month of swimming on my own, I worked up the nerve to jump in for a masters practice. Needless to say, I got completely hooked. I got hooked to the point that I talk to anyone and everyone associated with local swimming about strokes, times, drills, etc. I've become pretty good friends with the head coach of the age-group swim team.
    Our masters swim group practices M, W, and F at lunch time. We don't pay a dime other than the Y membership to practice with a USAS-certified coach. However, this causes a fair amount of angst with the age-group team, which pays the salary of our USAS-certified coach and a huge chunk of the operating costs of the two YMCA pools in our town.
    In an effort to get more swim practices for myself, and possibly more access to age-group stroke clinics, I have been trying to get the age-group team to start a masters team. But they've been blocked by the YMCA. So, I thought if I could get the people I swim with now, several of whom are very influential people in the community, I might have a better chance of getting both more lane time and a team affiliation other than the state-wide one that is currently available.
    I would love some advice from anybody who has had experience in starting a masters program in their community.

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    Re: Trying To Start A Masters Swim Team

    USMS has a web page that tells you how to Start a USMS Program. Here is the link:

    Bill Brenner, , and Mel Goldstein, are great resources for starting a masters swimming programs.

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