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Thread: Swim watch

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    Re: Swim watch

    Quote Originally Posted by aztimm View Post
    I've been using the Apple Watch (2nd generation) for swimming for about 3 months now.
    Here is a review:

    I feel the HR tracker is surprisingly reasonable (I say "surprisingly" because I didn't expect it to work well at all), though I've heard others who use it for running and cycling say that it is consistently low. The distance/laps tracker is not reliable at all for pool swimming. Besides not working for kicking, if you have any kind of underwater kick then it will significantly under-estimate the yardage. But if you just do freestyle back and forth it is probably fine. I feel like the calories tracking is a little low too.

    I've always liked the AW as a general-purpose device and I'm glad they added a swim workout to it. But I'm not very obsessive when it comes to fitness tracking; if you want to depend on a watch for serious tracking, I'd go elsewhere. As the review said, it would probably work well for OW swimming (and it has built-in GPS).
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    Re: Swim watch

    Quote Originally Posted by m2tall2 View Post
    But it really annoys me that on the Swim when I hit interval on, say, a 50 it will show :35. Really?
    After you hit PAUSE, just push the blue button two times. Then you will see your split time with 1/100 sec.

    I love my GARMIN SWIM. It counted my laps perfectly for the last three years (obviously no 1-arm-drills and kicking-sets).

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    Re: Swim watch

    I kept it simple after reading all of these reviews. I purchased a Sportscount Lap Counter & Timer. Sportscount has many models, mine is the LCT. I swim 200 lengths (5,000 yds) every day. Counting is the most boring thing imaginable.
    This counter fits on your index finger with the readout pointing towards your face. It has a manual button that you push at the end of each lap. This of course means a small effort on your part, but eliminates the issues with some watched that don't recognize your stroke (free, just kicking, etc).
    It gives you the following: Total laps, total time elapsed, Avg. lap, quickest lap, longest lap times.

    The only downfall is if you forget to hit the button at the end of a lap on time it will screw up your shortest & longest lap times at the summary, but you still get the counts, total time & avg.

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