Clive Ruston coined a thought:
which pretty much sums everything up. So many Master's swimmers, who like me, just want to use swimming to obtain a certain level of fitness. We really don't have a fixed goal in mind and if we did, it may very well, not be where we really want to be. We have a real vast misunderstandings of what it takes to self kick start ourselves in a spot in the Master's Swimming Program, where we are going to say, "now this is what I want."

The first statement of W-A-R is: Are we WILLING to do what it takes to get where we don't know where we end up? If we do, kind of think, we know where we want to go, then comes the second statement: Are we even ABLE to achieve that higher level of fitness we would like to achieve without really working to get there? So to say: where are those shortcuts when you need them to get me that more ABLE than I have been ABLE to do up to now? The third statement is READY: It is the kick in the head that says, forget able shortcuts and the easy way out, there is only one solution to resolution. Another W_A_R statement: WORK AND RECOVER.

Exactly how we do it is not as important as actually doing it. We can make the best plans of mice and men, but in the end, if we don't do something about moving forward, we aren't gonna get there. I'm sure we have many witnesses in the Master's Swimming that can confirm, there are days, that we really want to just go out of the pool. But once you begin to nudge away from your fortitude of commitment, it will be very difficult to stop that degeneration of WILLING-ABLE-READY. So the ones that didn't quit are still enjoying the benefits of being a true Master's Swimmer and continue to stick out those moments of frustration and weak attitude... Get back in the water and finish the workout, that you truly, down deep, know you need to do. Am I really READY to stick it out? I'm taking Clive's coined statement:
W-A-R into the pool with me.

Best wishes on all Master's Swimmers. Enjoy life! Today I joined USMS and filled out the entry form for the US Nationals in Greensboro, in three events. The 200 yd Fly which I never swam before and the 50 fly and free that I was never allowed to swim as those weren't MY events. As crazy as it sounds, I will make the standards in April, having started in January on a quest to "get a life" in retirement. I turned 65 in January and I am Never Ever Giving Up (NEGU).