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Thread: need help with a workout

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    need help with a workout

    Hey everyone i'm new to the site but i am very impressed with what i have see. I have loved to swim ever since i can remember and am getting tired of the usual running and stuff for working out. so i decided to look more into swimming workouts to get into better shape. from what i can see you guys deffinitly know your stuff so i was wondering if you could recomend for me a good 3 day a week workout that would really help my gluts,abs and pecks. being a full time college student its tough to find time to workout alot but i figure i can get in 3 days a week and hopefully see some results
    Thanks for the help,

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    Without knowing your level of comfort and ability itís hard to determine a good gluts, abs and pecks workout. However I always find butterfly as the best stroke to work the gluts, abs and pecks.

    A set like 20 X50ís odd ones fast fly swim, even ones dolphin kick on your back in a tight streamline will work these muscle groups. Assuming you feel comfortable with your butterfly. Otherwise, you could change the set by adding fins and dropping the swims to 25ís.

    This is just one of many sets that could be incorporated into your workout.

    And out of curiosity, as an old Cyclone swimmer from the days when Iowa State had a swimming program, which college are you attending?


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