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Thread: Oakland Barracuda's seek Masters Coach

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    Oakland Barracuda's seek Masters Coach

    Oakland Barracudas
    Swim Coach for the Masters Program
    Job Description
    Updated 4/17/2016

    This job description outlines expectations and desires for any swim coach. The Oakland
    Barracudas Masters group is a diverse but committed group of adult swimmers who have
    a variety of reasons for wanting to swim and different goals, but we all love swimming
    and prefer to keep our group together, if at all possible.

    1. Coaching

    •  First and foremost, the coach’s responsibility is to provide a safe and encouraging

    environment in which adults can swim together and improve their techniques.

    •  The coach should offer the swimmers opportunities to express their own goals and

    work towards helping them reach those goals, as well as encouraging swimmers
    to set new or different goals.

    •  The coach should at all times maintain and retain our binder with completed

    Emergency Contact Information forms for all swimmers in the program. The
    binder should be at the pool whenever swimmers are in the water and will be
    passed between coaches if/when we have a split responsibility for weekday vs.
    Saturday coaches.

    •  Swimmers should only be allowed to swim if they have provided complete

    documentation and the waiver requested by the Cuda Masters program.

    •  Experience required: Prior coaching and swimming experience, ideally

    including coaching of adult swimmers.

    2. Fund-raising and recruiting new swimmers

    •  We have a Facebook page that would benefit from periodic updates. If we are to

    recruit new swimmers, we may need to resurrect the idea of a website, but it
    would also need to be constantly updated to attract new swimmers and to provide
    accurate and timely information about our Masters program. Ideally, we would
    love our coach to help update the website and/or Facebook periodically.

    •  We should discuss recruiting and fund-raising goals and methods. Our coaches in

    the past have offered stroke clinics for adult swimmers and we might again
    consider possibly adult swim lessons and parent/baby swim opportunities during
    the summer.

    3. Finances

    •  Income and expenses of the Masters have been tracked by volunteer members of

    the Cuda Masters. The coach should have access to summary information, but the
    content and administrative/finance oversight are provided by volunteer swimmers
    and our elected/volunteer board.

    •  Dues:

    o The coach will remind swimmers once monthly about the need to pay dues
    in a timely fashion (due by the 1st of each month, late by the 5th of each
    o Checks for dues payments can be sent or handed directly to the treasurer
    or ‘dues-collector’, but if brought to the pool, the coach will also collect
    them to hand over to designated people by the 5th of each month (Lesley or

    •  Our current dues are $85/month or $10/swim for those who swim more

    sporadically. We swim 4 days/week (MWF and Sat) for 1 hour on weekdays and
    1.5 hours on Saturdays and holidays.

    • If we recruit more swimmers, we may be able to use extra funds to expand the

    program to more days/week, more times/day, to fund a website (above), or to
    increase the coaches’ salaries.

    • Regular meetings between the swimmers and the coach should occur periodically

    on an ad hoc basis to discuss training and other issues, to review the dues plan and
    consider changing dues for the future.

    4. Hours

    • Masters Swimming times are 5:30 – 6:30 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and

    Fridays and 7:00 – 8:30 a.m. on Saturdays and holidays (these are our water times
    and reflect the time we pay the city to use the pool).

    • The coach is expected to arrive by 5:20 a.m. on MWF and 6:50 a.m. on Saturdays,

    to assist the group in taking off the covers or replace lane lines, and being
    prepared for swimmers to be in the water at 5:30 (or 7 on Saturdays). The coach
    will be paid based on 0.25 hour more than the swim times (thus 1.25 hours for a
    1-hour swim, 1.75 hours for 1.5-hours of practice.

    • If and when the coach leaves before all swimmers are out of the locker rooms, the

    coach will remind the remaining swimmers to close and lock the outside gate.

    5. Salary

    •  The current salary is based on $25.00 per hour and is paid based on attendance.
    •  If the coach does not show up for a scheduled swim session, the coach is not paid.
    • However, if the practice is cancelled because of bad weather or lack of pool

    availability, the coach will still be paid as if the practice happened, but this is
    limited to a maximum of 10 sessions per year.

    •  Documentation of work hours of the coach requires signing initials on an

    attendance sheet for the appropriate dates (to be provided by the Cuda
    organization). This attendance sheet will be turned over to the treasurer at the end
    of each month, who writes and distributes twice monthly paychecks for the

    •  The coaches’ salaries are covered completely by funds brought in by the Masters

    program. Thus, recruitment of new swimmers will ensure a steady source of
    income to support the coaches’ salaries.

    •  An increase in salary is dependent on our ability to maintain sufficient numbers of

    Masters swimmers to keep income greater than expenses.

    •  If the coach decides to resign, the Cudas should be given 30 days notice.
    •  Each coach’s employment is at-will, meaning that it can be terminated by the

    Cudas with or without cause.

    6. Communication

    •  The coach is responsible for orienting new swimmers at the pool, but the Cuda

    members’ will provide information about registration with USMS and completion
    of the waiver required by the Cudas.

    •  If the coach cannot come to the pool, the coach is expected to send a text to

    designated swimmers by 5:15 a.m. on MWF and 6:45 a.m. on Saturday.

    •  In the event of a prolonged absence, the Cudas will be responsible for finding a

    substitute coach.

    •  It is understood by the Masters that there must always be one person on deck

    while people are in the water at the pool.

    •  The coach should maintain good communication with the leaders of the Oakland

    Cuda Masters swim group. Emails should always be answered promptly (within
    24 hours for most issues) and explanations should be provided for unexpected
    absences. A pattern of unexplained or excessive absences is grounds for

    • Communication with other groups that use the pool (Oakland High School’s swim

    coach, Oakland Tsunami kids’ swim team, Special Olympics if needed) is
    essential for optimal access to and care of shared equipment and coordination of
    water use times. The coach is expected to assist with this communication
    whenever needed.

    • Communication with the maintenance staff may be necessary if there are

    problems with the water quality, temperature, or other environmental issues, and
    the coach is expected to assist with this communication promptly, whenever

    For questions regarding this please contact:

    Ann Petru
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