Hi all,

I'm having a discussion with our registrar about providing the .re1 file to meet directors. This is a file that a registrar can generate that contains all swimmers currently registered in the LMSC - name, club, USMS ID, and birthdate. This is tremendously helpful for meet directors not using ClubAssistant for online registration, as it pre-populates their Meet Manager file with valid swimmer information and greatly reduces the errors introduced when typing the information in from paper forms.

My registrar expressed a concern about releasing this Personally Identifiable Information to Meet Directors. It's not a question I've ever thought about before - this was standard practice in my previous LMSC for a number of years, but has not been done in Illinois since I became TTR and our current registrar took office. You can make, I think, a reasonable argument that joining USMS and ILMSA and providing that info doesn't give USMS or ILMSA a license to distribute that to any meet director upon request; on the other hand, the tools provide registrars the ability to obtain that information for ANY purpose.

Has anyone worked with their registrar to develop a policy or procedure related to this?


Mike Abegg
Illinois Masters Top Ten Recorder
Pacific Masters Officials Chair