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Thread: 2017 TAM One Mile Postal Swim

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    2017 TAM One Mile Postal Swim

    If you swam the 2017 one hour postal, your 2017 Postal Pool Mile is done!!

    Hi swimmers,

    Just look at your one mile split, fill out the form and
    send it in. Easy!! If you need to schedule your swim, find a a pool at
    least 25 yards in length (or more) and someone to time for you. The pool
    mile postal runs through February 28.

    As you know, 50% of funds collected will go to Bonnie J Adario (BJA) Lung
    Cancer Research. There is no set entrance fee. You decide what you want to
    pay. Last year, TAM raised almost $2,000 to fight lung cancer.This is the
    21th year for the event.

    *This year we are continuing the option of dedicating your pool mile and
    donation to a loved one. Your honoree’s name will be given to BJA and a
    certificate will be mailed to you. We were touched that in 2016, thirteen
    swimmers remembered a loved one with their swim.*

    Jon Steiner was a long-time member of Tamalpais Aquatic Masters (TAM), San
    Rafael and active with local and national Masters Swimming committees. Jon
    lost his battle with lung cancer in 2006. The 1650 Postal was his creation.

    Go to for more information. An entry form and a split sheet
    are attached. (Sorry, we remain old school--no online entries.) Any
    questions? Let me know.

    Glenda Carroll, Event Director
    2016 Postal Mile Swim
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