STAGE ONE of the 2017 POSTAL SWIMTATHLON LEAGUE is underway, and some GREAT times are coming in!

Here are a few LEAGUE STATS:

33 “Officially” registered
23 women
10 men
12 states (MT, WA, OR, CA, MN, AK, AZ, AR, SC, NV, NC, PA, and Hawaii!)
2 countries (USA and Germany)

We have SIXTEEN NEW LEAGUE MEMBERS this year but a few HOLD-OUTS from last. If YOU are READING this post and want to be a part of this our new swimming community, REGISTER HERE. IT'S NOT TOO LATE!

Two months in, SEVEN women and FOUR men have completed all five short Swimtathlon events. Click here for MARCH LEAGUE STANDINGS. League Standings are also uploaded onto the Meet Mobile smart phone app.

57-year-old newcomer, Merrie Walts of Santa Rosa Masters, threw down some very fast times, which, if they hold through the quarter, will establish a new overall LEAGUE RECORD for women!

The competition at the top of the Women’s Standings has gotten tight with Merrie, Anicia Criscione (OR), and Jennifer Phalen (CA) all pushing last year’s Ladies Champion, Bethany Lee (HI). I also look for Rebecca Friedlander (NV) to do some damage…but maybe not until STAGE THREE (her specialty).

On the Men’s side, last year’s Champion, Patrick Brundage, is rehabbing, so he may be TOAST this year! He hasn’t officially signed up yet, but THAT’S NO EXCUSS, PATRICK. I can’t say that I beat you, if you didn’t even show up.

The highlight so far for the Men is Bruce McQueen of ALAKSA MASTERS (Wrangell, AK) who improved FOUR SECONDS over Stage One from 2016. That’s pretty good in the SHORT PENTATHLON!

So for everyone who’s been swimming: KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. And if you have not been swimming: GET ON IT!

Finally, check out the pictures of your fellow league members on our Athletes Profiles page.

Coach Mark