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Thread: Where can I find an online coach?

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    Where can I find an online coach?

    I want to join an event in summer for 2.4 mile open water swim race. I am seeking an online coach. I swim on my own right now and hopeful to check in with someone to monitor my progress and make sure that I am working out consistently and improving my times, etc. I hope to meet once a week to practice with a masters group. The event will be for this June.
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    Re: Where can I find an online coach?

    Hey, Hannah!

    The USMS forums provides a WORKOUTS thread which might be helpful. I am the "General Workouts" online coach and Charlotte Brynn provides the "Open Water" workouts.

    If you're looking for more personal interaction, I'd definitely be interested in talking with you about the concept. Is the masters group you mention a "coached group?"

    You can contact me through the PM feature here or my e-mail address is

    Regardless, good luck with your swimming and the 2.4-mile race!

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    Re: Where can I find an online coach?

    Hello! I have started to do online coaching inclusive of Video Analysis and development of a customized Stroke correction guide. I am currently working with several Ironman athletes in preparation for their 2.4 mile swim. Let me know if you are still looking for assistance.


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