At the end of June begins the 2017 edition of the Gran Fondo Italia, the Italian Open Water Swimming Championships circuit of long distance races (15 to 25 km), starting from several Italian localities and following direct routes.

Gran Fondo Italia combines different OWS long-distance races in a circuit, creating an event in Italy that has no equal in a growing sport movement. OWS long-distance is for swimming what the marathon is for running and has become increasingly popular in recent years.

This year Gran Fondo Italy has 3 stages: 25 June in Alghero (Sardinia), 8 July in Cavallino Treporti (Venice) and 9 September in Milan.

In addition to only long race (SOLO) the Gran Fondo Italia offers other races, like the team race (TEAM) with the relay formula and also the short races from 1 Nm to 4 K.

Here the races for every stage:
- from 24 to 25 June, Gran Fondo Porto Conte, Alghero (Sardinia), 17 k Solo, 17 k Team, 4 k, 1 Nm
- 8 July, Gran Fondo Venezia, Cavallino Treporti (Venice), 15 k Solo, 15 k Team, 1.5 k
- 9 September, Gran Fondo Naviglio, Milan 24 k Solo, 14 k Solo, 3 k

Gran Fondo Italia 2017 registrations and information are on the circuit website .