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Thread: Breath issues

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    Breath issues

    Good morning to everybody,

    i am very new to this forum so i get directly to the point.
    I started swimming 6 months ago, with no previous experience, but i am well trained in other sports as crossfit or running.

    my real problem despite tecnique (for which i am attending a course) is the breathing. I can stand 1-2 maximum lenghts and theni have to stop 15-20seconds swimming 100mt in about 65sec.

    I don't why which is my problem: if i don't exhale properly all oxygen or my breathing is exagerated or i jus miss training.
    The fact is that finishing a lesson of 1hour is like a struggle for me, and i start losing motivation.

    do you have any suggestion or previous topi? is there any very basic exercise for this?
    Thank you very much!

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    Re: Breath issues

    Which stroke are you swimming? Assuming freestyle, how often are you breathing while you swim?

    If you swim backstroke, do you face the same challenge? Or breaststroke?

    What is the length of the pool you swim in? You said you swam 100m. Are you in a 50m or 25m pool? (Or a 25y pool?)

    What happens if you try swimming at a slower pace but longer distances?

    You mentioned that you swim for an hour: can you include an example practice (and maybe specify the intensity of each part of the workout and estimate the times you were swimming for each part)?
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